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February 2016: From Editor’s Desk

Is terrorism a kind of war? Or is it a different phenomenon in the ever evolving pattern of warfare? To many, terrorism bears a different signature, a different genre. To some- it’s an offshoot of hybrid warfare. Whatever may be the case, terrorism has been ripping the world apart for a quite long time. In the modern history terrorism in different formats played havoc around the world. Sometimes in the name of political ideology, sometimes in the name of religion terrorists conducted bombings, suicide attacks and killed innocent people. Japanese Red Army, Palestinian Black September once shook this world by carrying out series of terrorist activities. Both of these organizations were not indoctrinated out of any religious ideology, rather they had been pushing forward with their radical political thoughts. In present day world maximum of the terrorists activities are being conducted in the name of religion. After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan extremism started getting it’s foothold among a group of Muslims, intensity of which has increased step by step after US invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan and at last with the rise of ISIS in Middle East. Whole world is now paying with the lives of innocent people due to the terrorist activities. Plethora of extremism has engulfed literally every nook and corner of the world. Governments are fighting to curb it by all means- may it be by military, intelligence or technological ways. Fakhrul Islam who earlier wrote an article about Hybrid Warfare has now written on ‘The Trafficking Of War And Terrorism’. It encompasses the pattern of current terrorist activities in the world.

China is a strategic partner of Bangladesh for a long period. From supplying armaments to imparting training, China always maintained a close relationship with our armed forces. Recently Chinese naval ships paid a goodwill visit to Chittagong. This visit signifies the strong bondage between the two countries. On the other hand there is another significant event is taking place in this subcontinent; that is Russia- Pakistan military collaboration. Russia has already signed deals with Pakistan to supply attack helicopters and sophisticated fighter jets. Apart from this, Russian army for the first time in history has recently participated in a joint exercise with Pak army.

Other articles concerning Russian foreign policy and Indian defense budget are there in this issue.

May Allah bless us all.