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January 2016: From Editor’s Desk

Security dynamics of the world is changing very fast and insecurity has become a common phenomenon. In the meantime, South Asian region has turned into a hotbed of international power game. Malacca strait and Bay of Bengal have already attracted enormous attention from all big powers regional & international. In this context, security of Bangladesh can’t be just brushed aside. Rather, we have to maintain our pace with the changing scenario and strengthen our military power. It is encouraging that Bangladesh government has been trying hard to modernize our armed forces and establish strategic relationship with concerned world powers. S. M. Ali who is a renowned strategic analyst has highlighted this important issue in his article titled ‘National Defence And Regional Insecurity Dynamics’.

In the meantime, Bangladesh navy has acquired another cutter from USA which is renovated and named- ‘BNS Somudra Avijan’. This is so far the biggest warship of Bangladesh Navy. It is learnt that more one is in pipeline. If that is acquired, then BN will possess three US made cutters. Apart from this, BN is acquiring missile corvettes and frigates from China shortly.

Capt Syed Ahmed Mortada has written about ‘Military History Of Bangladesh’ which reflects the untold military tradition of the Bengalis.

We have also presented few other articles concerning regional and international military development.

We wish a very prosperous and happy new year to our esteemed readers.

May Allah bless us all.