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December 2015: From Editor’s Desk

December is the month of victory. Forty four years back in this month we won a war against Pakistan and liberated our beloved motherland- Bangladesh. It took us a long continuous process of struggle, revolution, revolt and war to achieve independence. We didn’t come victorious by sheer nonviolent movement, rather we had to shed blood and defeat a formidable military force. To commemorate our victory we decided to interview few veterans of 1971 war of liberation. Two retired Major Generals of Bangladesh Army and a founding member cum instructor of Mujib Bahini spelt out their views and experiences on liberation war. These three veterans are Maj Gen M A Halim, Maj Gen Jamil D Ahsan and Mr. Faruque Ahmed. Along with them a famous officer of Indian army- Maj Gen G D Bakshi graciously sent us a write up on 1971 war which reflects the Indian Viewpoints.

On the other hand, Bangladesh Air Force has good news; they have inducted Advanced Fighter Conversion and Light Ground Attack Aircraft YAK-130 and Advanced Jet Trainer K-8. Out of the total 16 YAK-130s ordered, 06 nos are already delivered to BAF from Russian Federation and out of 09 K-8s all are received from People’s Republic of China. Our Special Correspondent Sabera Jahan has written a report on this induction.

Md. Fakhrul Islam has written an interesting article titled Hybrid Warfare: The Evolution Of Traditional Warfare which depicts the characteristics and pattern of modern day warfare.

Other articles include- China To Receive 24 SU-35s From Russia, Marked For Death- Assassination Attempts on Senior Officers Of Pakistan Army.

We hope our esteemed readers would appreciate our current issue and give valuable suggestions.

May Allah bless Bangladesh.