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November 2015: From Editor’s Desk

When someone searches for ‘Clash Of Civilizations’ in Google, he or she will find many disturbing images popping up. One such is- one French girl burning a Quran and her topless chest is imprinted with a ‘slogan’- ‘F…k Quran’! You will also find that holding the black flag on which the most sacred sayings of the Muslims- ‘there’s no God but one God’ is written, a bunch of arrogant IS militants are beheading a westerner!

From when the world has become like this? No denying the fact that there had been series of wars, conflicts, insurgencies where millions died. In the name of religion, culture, language, ethnicity- atrocities were committed. But in this 21st century when technology has reached at its peak, when ease of communication should have contributed more for harmonious societies, then we are facing an unprecedented scenario of radicalization not only in the name of religion but also in the name of nationality and culture. Political and social scientists are failing to explain this sort of phenomenon. How a man can kill unknown innocent human beings indiscriminately in the name of religion? Or how a civilized western girl can burn other’s holy book out of hatred? Clash of civilizations? May be, may not be. But one is religious radicalism the other one is secular radical idea.

What professor Huntington visualized in the nineties after the downfall of Soviet Union as ‘clash of civilizations’ is a burning issue to think for. Shahid Mazhar Shabab- a student of A level, just a teenager tried to analyze this critical subject and related it with the inception of IS. We always encourage the youngsters to write and that’s the best way to get their views, assess their thinking about present day world. ‘Clash Of Civilizations’ In The Context Of The Inception Of IS’ is our cover story. Considering the rise of radicalism- whether religious or secular, we hope this article will shed some ideas on us.

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May Allah bless Bangladesh.