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July 2015: From Editor's Desk

Arms race between two traditional arch rivals India and Pakistan is not new. From the very first day of their inception as independent country they have been found hell bent in showing off military muscles every now and then. Whether their economies permit it or not, both the countries pomp up in an unprecedented race raising eyebrows to many. As Bangladesh is located in the South Asian region where India and Pakistan are two military giants, we can’t afford to close our eyes in the advent of raising hostilities which might directly or indirectly affect our interests. Maintaining balance of power is accepted, but avoiding overall socio economical phenomenon in terms of poverty alleviation, health facilities, education and other relative issues is unacceptable. Certainly, arms race between India and Pakistan is affecting Bangladesh in many ways. Considering its geopolitical location Bangladesh has to take precautionary measures in maintaining overall balance of power in the region. We have observed with caution that in recent days, arms race has heated up in the subcontinent. In our current issue we have tried to present some information related to this arms race. The cover story- ‘India-Pakistan: Arms Race Heats Up’ emphasizes on core issues of armament procurement and polarization centering it.

In the meantime, General Ikbal Karim has gone on retirement after serving three years as Chief Of Army Staff and General Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq has taken over as the new CAS. Gen Belal is the first Chief Of Staff of Bangladesh Army who hails from King Of The Battle- Armored Corps. We hope and pray that Bangladesh Army would turn to be a fine groomed up fighting machine under the command of Gen Belal.

We as usual covered few other interesting topics in our July 2015 issue. Sometimes fact surpasses fiction and ‘Story Of The Two Khans’ is a reminder to this saying. One brother went to serve in Pakistan Army and rose to the rank of Lt Gen, another one opted to stay back with Indian Army and retired as a Colonel having the distinction of serving as the Deputy Military Secretary to the President of India!

In present day world, Islam and Muslims have come under acid test where millions of Muslims of Syria and Libya have to migrate to other countries in a precarious manner. In this respect, we have chosen to publish the historic letter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) written to the Christians. It shows how the Prophet of Islam used to think and alas, what the Muslims are doing today!

May Allah bless our beloved country. May there be peace in the world.