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June 2015: From Editors's Desk

We dedicated one issue of Bangladesh Defence Journal in April 2013 on legendary fighter pilot Group Captain Saiful Azam. He is such a personality and his stature as a fighter pilot is so high that thousands of pages would not suffice to project his achievements. Being a Top Gun, he is the only fighter pilot in the world who is the recipient of gallantry awards from three countries. But he lives a very quiet and simple life, never interested in publicizing his dare devil acts of bravery in air battles. Gp Capt Saiful is surprisingly not much known in Bangladesh, but well known all over the world and highly respected as an ace even among the Israelis whose planes he shot down during 1967 Arab-Israel war. To honor this hero, we again put his glittering achievements as cover story in our current issue. Capt Syed Ahmed Mortada, who had been an Army Doctor writes on Gp Capt Azam- ‘When The Devil Dared’.

1973 Arab- Israeli war, also known as Yom Kippur War is famous for tank battles which is still a subject of analysis among the military historians. Md Tamim Chowdhury has written a fascinating article on the tanks in the Sinai during that war.

On the other hand, Dr. Hamid Hussain has analyzed the claims of investigative journalist of world repute- Seymour Hersh’s account of killing of Osama Bin Laden. Whether Laden was killed by the American Navy Seals without the knowledge of the Pakistani authorities or not, Dr.Hussain has given a detailed description of facts.

We have also presented the official version of National security strategy of Japan in context of boiling situation around South China Sea.

Other regular sections are there as usual.

May Allah bless us and our beloved country Bangladesh.