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May 2015: From Editor's Desk

Bangladesh is the largest contributor in UN peacekeeping operations around the world. It’s not only a matter of pride but also a reflection of responsibility and commitment towards world peace. On the other hand, participation in UN peacekeeping operations opens doors of economic diplomacy for Bangladesh. We have been consistently sending our military personnel to any place, any time whenever asked for by the United Nations to keep this world peaceful. Even where other countries refuse to send troops due to the spread of infectious diseases like Ebola, Bangladesh armed forces accepts the challenge to prove its mettle. This wide ranging participation certainly enhances our image wherever Bangladeshi forces deploy. It also creates formidable bindings between the peacekeepers and the local government circles and population. Bangladesh government can very well utilize this opportunity in expanding economic ties in those regions. Brig Gen Mohammad Selim,ndc,psc has written a thought provoking article titled ` Global Peace Support Operations: Opportunities Of Economic Diplomacy For Bangladesh’ which we have selected as our cover story of the current issue. As largest participant in peace keeping operations of UN, Bangladesh can explore economic diplomacy in furthering its development process.

Colonel Elahi got killed by the mutineers at BDR HQ- PeelKhana in February 2009. His father Mr. Habibur Rahman who is the brother in law of former President and chief of army staff- Lt Gen H M Ershad expressed his feeling in his article. How his heart bleeds losing his son is reflected here.

As usual military historian Dr. Hamid Hussain has written on a famous Indian General Hanut Singh who died recently. He has also supplemented with an interesting event concerning the motorbike of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw which was `sold’ to his once colleague Gen Yahya Khan.

We expect comments and views from our esteemed readers.

May Allah bless us all.

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