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BGB-MPF Top-Level Meeting Agrees To Cooperate On Border Security & Combat Crimes

Bangladesh and Myanmar agreed to cooperate against border crimes. They will address the issues of smuggling, terrorism and illegal border crossing in a coordinated way.
Both countries came to this decision in a five-day long top-level border conference between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Myanmar Police Force (MPF) held in Myanmar capital Nay Pyi Taw on April 6 to 10.
BGB Director General Major General Md Shafeenul Islam led the 11-member Bangladesh delegation while Chief of Police General Staff of Myanmar Police Force Police Brigadier General Myo Than led the 17-member Myanmar delegation in the conference. BGB Director General co-chaired the conference with his Myanmar counterpart. He also met with Chief of Myanmar Police Force Lt-Gen Aung Win Oo.
Border related security issues, including prevention of smuggling of illegal drugs, especially, methamphetamine pills (locally known as Yaba), end of firing at frontiers, trespass into Bangladesh territory by Myanmar nationals, repatriation of convicted nationals of both the countries after completion of their respective jail terms were discussed in the conference, according to a statement issued by BGB Headquarter. It is noted that Bangladesh side gave no more details on the meeting.

Chinese national news agency Xinhua said Myanmar and Bangladesh will cooperate in border area security and rule of law. The meeting focused on combating illegal drug trade and terrorism, prevention of illegal border crossing and exchange of citizens who had served their prison terms.
The meeting also covered preparation of a first meeting between border liaison offices of the two countries, exchange of news and information related to security of the border region and continued joint patrol along the borders.
The two sides had discussions on activities of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), and local insurgent group of the Arakan Army (AA) along the border areas of the two countries.
After the meeting, Maungdaw district administrator Soe Aung briefed the Myanmar media. He said Myanmar and Bangladesh border guard forces will cooperate to combat Arakan Army (AA), a local insurgent group and Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), which Myanmar designated as a terrorist organization, and it will help to provide assistance for security.

“The meeting provided much for security issues. Now border guard forces from both countries will cooperate to attack the AA and ARSA together,” said the district administrator.
The border guard forces will cooperate with police force to prevent narcotic drugs smuggling to Bangladesh, said Soe Aung.
Although both border guard forces were jointly conducted patrolling in border area previously, it will be enhanced due to agreement to open liaison office, he said.
He said, “The issue of attack over border area is included in the discussion. The border area is long and we can only observe the places where police outposts are based.”