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Pak Navy’s Anti Ship Missile ZARB

Pakistan Navy on 09 April conducted a successful test –fire of shore-based anti-ship missile ‘Zarb aimed at consolidating its defense capability.

The missile was fired from a strategic point located at a coastal area which successfully hit its target in the Arabian sea.

Zarb missile was formally inducted into Pakistan’s Navy defense system soon after its successful launch.

Chief of Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy Admiral Zakaullah termed the missile’s successful test as an addition into PN’s strategic power against the enemy and said that Pakistan Navy will continue its efforts to modernize itself to meet defense and security challenges of present day maritime world.

The maximum range allotted for the test was set at 300km, which was compliant with the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), an international legal framework that regulates commercial missile and drone sales on the global arms market.

The Zarb was inducted to enhance Pakistan’s area denial capabilities by equipping its coastal areas with AShM-tipped launch batteries, which in turn could fire AShMs at intruding surface ships up to a maximum range of 300km.Specific characteristics of the Zarb AShM are unknown. Given the fact that it was tested from a coastal battery, it is plausible to suggest that the Zarb is basically the C-602.

Produced by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), the C-602 is a heavy AShM capable of delivering a 300kg warhead. A heavier variant (with a 480kg warhead) is also available in the form of the CM-602G.

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