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Bangladesh Army Going Top Notch In Counter Terrorism

KRISS Super V Gen II Photo Credit: KRISS KRISS Super V Gen II

Bangladesh Army carried out two successful and major counter terrorism operations at home in recent years. Even though, Army holds a very good image in countering terrorism abroad in UN missions, these two operations made them realize that they have to be one step ahead then the adversaries for the days to come.
With that aim & concept in mind, Bangladesh army is modernizing their battle gears drastically. Every single detail of a commando is being given a thought and getting modernized. They’re getting different types of mission  oriented  tactical  boots,  multipurpose  ballistic  helmets,  night  vision  systems,  encrypted communication systems and what not.

Two of the most awaited and must need gears of this list were new close quarter battle SMGs and long range sniper rifles.
According to the sources, army already took delivery of an undisclosed number of KRISS SUPER V GEN II SMGs from USA and signed another contract for an undisclosed number of Rangemaster Ultra A5 308 sniper rifles made in UK which is scheduled to be delivered by the beginning of next year.
Today's law enforcement and military forces are  facing   increasingly   complex   threats   in   close  quarters engagements. As more conflict arises in  urban environments, or inside of buses, planes, and trains, the tools of the trade for professionalpeacekeepers must be tailor made to these unique
situations. In the modern era of public safety, the KRISS Vector is the new paradigm of firearms technology, designed to assist today's military and law enforcement with the unique CQB challenges that they face.

The development of the KRISS Vector and the Super V System was prompted by the growing threats stemming from the global war on terror. It became apparent to KRISS USA that law enforcement and military professionals needed more effective tools to combat the ever-changing landscape of public safety. The KRISS Vector introduced recoil mitigation technology that the word had never seen. The Vector's compact size and features ensure ease of use for a wide range of operators. The caliber interchangeability allows the Vector to be configured to meet the specific needs of a multitude of varying mission requirements. Compatibility with Glock magazines allows for a simplified mission kit where the primary and secondary weapons can share the same ammunition and loading device. Historically, victory has favored those with the better weaponry, which still holds true today. This places an enormous burden on 21st century military and law enforcement personnel to be smarter, faster, more accurate, and use more advanced tools to keep the upper hand during conflict. The KRISS Vector SMG represents the most significant advancement in firearms operating systems since the Maxim Machine Gun in 1883. The patented Super V System is a delayed blowback operating system, consisting of a low mass bolt connected to a sliding counterweight. The Super V System redirects recoil energy downward, to offset the barrel's natural tendency to rise when fired. In addition to the Super V System, the KRISS Vector features the lowest bore axis of any shoulder-fired small arm, with the centerline of the barrel below the trigger and top of the pistol grip.
The extremely low bore axis gives the shooter even more leverage over the firearm, for added control when firing quickly or at  multiple  targets.  Though  the  Super  V  System  is  a  significant advancement in firearms technology, it is a simple system to disassemble and clean. Field stripping the Vector down to its major components requires no tools, and can be performed in a matter of seconds. The KRISS Vector is more than just a firearm, it is a complete close quarter combat weapon system.

The KRISS Vector is multi-mission adaptable with the ability to accept Glock standard magazines and to change between 9mm, .45ACP, .40S&W, .35751G, and 10mm calibers in seconds, without the need for any tools. The KRISS Vector is made with advanced composites to keep a lightweight and low profile. The safety and fire selector switches are ambidextrous, making the Vector a valuable asset for both left-handed and right-handed operators.
Sources confirmed that along with the basic weapons, Bangladesh army received high-tech next generation targeting systems for both day night combat conditions.

Ultra A5 308 sniper rifle is modern day sniper rifle manufactured by renowned UK based manufacturer Rangemaster Precession Arms Systems. This is a high performance tactical rifle, with an effective range of up to 800m+, manufactured from RANGEMASTER’s world beating products, designed for professionals. The heart of the Rangemaster .308 is the RPA 4-lug Quadlite® action renowned for unrivalled accuracy, durability and safety. Manufacturer claims that this will probably be the most accurate rifle somebody can ever own.
Sources confirmed that the sniper rifles are also coming with both day and night extensive mission compatibility.
Bangladesh Army always maintained an image of perfectionist at all the tasks they have been given. This modernization process was no different. Collecting intelligence and experiences from all over the world, they’re now developing themselves as an unbeatable counter terrorism outfit which can be matched with western countries only.