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BAF Procurement Highlights

BDJ Report

Bangladesh Air Force is trying its best to modernize the armaments and equipment. To enhance the overall striking and defensive capabilities, BAF is considering procurement of different arrays of weaponries in near future.

During the current fiscal year tenders for SHORAD( Short Range Air Defense System) and Long Range Air Defense Radar are already floated and procurement process is near to be finalized.  But BAF is earnestly looking for the other things which might be procured during the 2016-17 fiscal year. According to concerned sources, following armaments and equipment are in consideration by the BAF:

SHORAD: One unit of Short Range Air Defense System is on the top of procurement list of Bangladesh Air Force. Air Force is considering the systems having 25KM tracking with 12-15KM kill range. An upgraded version  of FM 90 is under consideration. A few units of FM 90s are already in the inventory of BAF. Budget for this procurement is around 55-60Million US Dollar.

Long Range AD Radar: BAF is keen to purchase a Long Range Air Defense Radar with 240NM range which should to be total solid state to be deployed in Barisal. With an extended feature of coastal surveillance BAF has a budget of around 20 Million US Dollar.

UAV: BAF is planning to develop a squadron of Medium Range UAV to increase their recon and mission support capacity. Initially 9 UAVs with 3 Ground Control Stations are planned to be purchased with an allocated budget of around 35-40 Million US Dollar.

Target Drone: For the first time ever, BAF has a plan to procure a set of target drones which will be used for Air to Air combat training. These jet engine target drones can be used multiple times over minimum repair after each drill. This will develop the capability of BAF in sense of Air to Air combat. In some cases these target drone can be used for Surface to Air Defense training missions.

Attack Helicopter: BAF has a plan to procure a number of Attack Helicopter. Z-10 Attack Helicopter from China and MI 28 Attack Helicopter of Russia are in consideration. This will be the first time that BAF will procure Attack Helicopter.

Trainer Aircraft: From the very beginning BAF has been relying on PT6 Aircraft to train the cadets. Many countries of the world rely on the same. BAF is planning to procure a unit of new trainer aircraft. As usual, BAF has PT 6 on top of their consideration but this time they are also looking for some other options.