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Goodwill Visit Chinese Naval Ships Arrive In Bangladesh

BDJ Report

Three Chinese naval ships, comprising the guided-missile frigates Liuzhou, Sanya and the comprehensive supply ship Qinghaihu arrived at Bangladesh's southeastern seaport-Chittagong, for a five-day goodwill visit on January 27 . These ships were the part ofthe 21st Chinese Naval Escort Fleet.

The ships were welcomed by top Bangladesh Naval officers including Commodore M Rashed Ali, captain of BNS (Bangladesh Naval Ship) Isa Khan. Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Ma Mingqiang with more than 500 people including representatives of Bangladesh-based Chinese companies and overseas Chinese students were also present there.

Before that, Bangladesh Navy Ship Bijoy welcomed the Chinese navy taskforce soon after they reached Bangladesh waters in the Bay of Bengal.

Visiting Chinese ships of 21st Naval Escort Fleet was commanded by Rear Admiral Yu Manjiang.

After reaching at Chittagong port Chinese Naval personnel presented a guard of honor to the Chinese Ambassador Ma Mingqiang.

Bangladesh navy held a welcome ceremony for the Chinese ships. Many Chinese living in Bangladesh, waving Chinese and Bangladeshi national flags, expressed their regards to the officers and crew of Chinese ships

A statement distributed during the welcome ceremony expressed the hope that the visit of the ships will further strengthen the cooperation and friendship between the navies of the two countries.

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Ma Mingqiang, who was present in the welcome ceremony, has also expressed his confidence that the visit of the ships will further promote the fraternal friendship between China and Bangladesh.