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Defeating Terrorism

Multiple people injured after explosion heard at Belgium airport. (photocredit:MEDABRIM TIKSHORET) Multiple people injured after explosion heard at Belgium airport. (photocredit:MEDABRIM TIKSHORET)

By JPOST EDITORIAL, Jerusalem Post, 23 March 2016

The entire world is being held hostage to violence by a lunatic organization intent upon world domination.

The latest atrocity by the world’s leading Islamist terrorist group, Islamic State, is certainly not going to be among the last, unless an emergency international effort is mounted to meet its threat.

Among the condolences to the victims, a statement by the Wiesenthal Center put this into perspective: Such horrific, coordinated mass murders will only end when there is a sustained global strategy in place to destroy ISIS’s leadership and infrastructure in the Middle East and to root out their terrorist support systems and cells wherever they are found.” The center also urged social media companies to block terrorists from using their services….

Everyone agrees that allowing terrorists loaded with explosives to enter an airport is a colossal mistake. The world’s airport authorities would do well to learn why Ben-Gurion is considered the world’s safest. One reason is the layered security: concentric rings of checks from the outermost perimeter to the check-in counter, including armed guards, undercover security personnel, personal interviews, and even bomb-sniffing dogs.

Islamic State has warned of “black days” coming to those countries fighting it in Syria and Iraq. But while Belgium’s warplanes are indeed flying sorties with the coalition air forces, it is but one of the several available targets.