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China Muscles Way Into The Indian Ocean Through Its Silk Road Link With Pakistan

By Dilip Hero, The World Post, 31 July 2015

After nineteen days of marathon negotiations and four missed LONDON -- In most countries, governments change and policy follows. In China, where the Communist Party is determined to stay in power for perpetuity, the government can lay down policies and carry them out over the long haul. The long-term policy can be upgraded as the economy and technology permit.

This is happening with China's ambitious "One Belt, One Road" project, and its all-weather alliance with Pakistan, the latest example being active involvement in helping Islamabad bring the Afghan government and the Taliban to the negotiating table officially for the first time.

After the 1962 Sino-India War, Chairman Mao Zedong decided to contain India's regional clout by forging an alliance with its rival Pakistan, even though the latter was then firmly in the "imperialist" camp of the United States. This alliance is now being given a new varnish as part of the modern Silk Road network aimed at extending China's economic-strategic influence to the Indian Ocean region.

The enduring stability of Sino-Pakistan ties stems from mutual interest in containing India. Strained relations between the two South Asian neighbors date back to the founding of Pakistan on the eve of the independence and partition of British India in August 1947. Since then Pakistan, the smaller of the twins, has struggled to even up to its larger, more powerful sibling. In this quest, it has found Chinaa pivotal ally.