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Shared Values Of US, India Face Profound Global Challenges, Say US Ambassador

Observer Research Foundation, 14 August 2015 5

The shared values that the United States and India hold dear face profound challenges in a number of areas that threaten global security and the international order, according to the US Ambassador to India, Mr. Richard Verma.

Delivering a talk on "Protecting our shared spaces" at Observer Research Foundation on 14 August, the Ambassador said "from emboldened terrorist organizations, to attempts to discredit the principles of democratic governance, to aggressive tactics in the seas and skies, the values that define our open, democratic societies are at risk."

He said it is clear that the problems and opportunities that confront our countries and the world require a resolute commitment to partner beyond our borders.

"The steps we take should not only focus on tangible, realistic wins that serve our interests today, but on how we can cooperate to uphold our common values and project power for decades to come. What we do together can be a force for greater peace, prosperity, and security in the world. Shared spaces offer us a platform to realize this potential. I look forward to your comments and questions," the Ambassador said.

He said in the midst of signing MOUs, collaborating on defense initiatives, improving economic cooperation, and advancing health priorities, "let us not lose sight of the primary goal of our bilateral cooperation. We work together because the summation of our efforts as "Best Partners" makes our citizens and the world more stable, secure, and prosperous".